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Our Process

As Wealth Managers, we offer our clients a personalized investment management service as part of the Radler Retirement Strategies, LLC relationship. This service is provided as a convenient solution for clients seeking to build thoroughly diversified and custom-planned portfolios. An experienced Radler Retirement Strategies Consultant works with each client to help define investment goals and structure a non-proprietary and best of class portfolio that is right for those objectives. 

In addition, our clients have access to other important wealth management services, including dynamic client web site, account aggregation capabilities, wide array of products and services, and a full planning and cash-flow analysis that helps clients evaluate their financial situation as it relates to their short and long-term goals. A Radler Retirement Strategies partner will walk you through this process. Radler Retirement

  • Solid Analysis and Review
  • Investment Policy Statement
  • Asset Allocation
  • Investment Search and Selection
  • Performance Monitoring

Solid Analysis and Review

We begin the process with a thorough review of your current situation. Where is your money now, what are implications of those investments, what is the risk associated with those investments, and what is the probability of that investment structure helping you achieve your goals?

In order to accomplish this we must first determine your needs. Your needs can be financial, emotional, physical, or generational. At Radler Retirement Strategies we understand the complex nature of our clientele and we strive to work with them by helping them to establish the time frames required to meet those needs. We work very hard to develop realistic cash flow and liquidity requirements including all potential liabilities that may be ahead. Finally we seek to set the ultimate lifestyle objectives that can reasonably be achieved. Our purpose is to manage your expectations as well as your portfolio.

Investment Policy Statement

All of our clients receive a signed document that lays out the primary, secondary, and tertiary objectives of the client in plain English. If we do not understand where it is our clients are trying to go they will almost certainly fail to get there. The investment policy statement is a contract between Radler Retirement Strategies and its clients which clearly articulates:

  • The Purpose and Financial Structure of the Investment Funds
  • States the Role of Advisor, Trustees, or other fiduciaries in the Investment Process
  • Clearly States the Investment Objectives of the Funds (i.e.: Preservation of Purchasing Power)
  • Explicitly Describes the Investment Goals of the Fund (i.e.: Surpassing a market index over time)
  • Specifies Acceptable Asset Classes
  • Defines Asset Allocation Policy

Asset Allocation

Once we have worked with our clients to determine a mutually acceptable investment policy statement our Radler Retirement Strategies Managers begin to create a Custom Asset Allocation study. The Asset Allocation analysis is one of the most critical and requires that we have a full understanding of each client’s individual goals as well as the impact that every goal has on the ones that come before and after it. In order to implement an asset allocation portfolio, we evaluate and incorporate the following:

  • A thorough understanding of the history of capital markets
  • Matching expected returns to time frame and needs of our client
  • Determine suitable asset classes based upon risk, reward, and personal preferences
  • Create custom portfolios to maximize returns and minimize risk
  • Diversification of the portfolio

Investment Search and Selection

There are literally hundreds of investment options to choose from. As an independent Wealth Management firm, Radler Retirement Strategies prides itself on working with many investment houses. Unlike the big wire house firms we have no proprietary products, no investment bankers to support, no slotting fees for distribution, and no biases. We carefully monitor and analyze all of the investment alternatives we present to our clients. Our client relationships are created for the long-term so our due diligence has to be performed with that in mind. In selecting the appropriate investments to present to our clients, we look very carefully at three major factors: People, Process, and Performance. We expect the people managing the investments to be experienced, ethical, and disciplined. The process must be repeatable and scalable. The performance must be in line with your objectives. Nothing less will be tolerated for our clients.

Performance Monitoring

Effective performance monitoring entails multiple perspectives. We monitor the investment plan for overall effectiveness, the individual goals for progressive success and attainability, the investment strategies for effectiveness and risk, the asset allocation for applicability and continued relevance, and the client investment policy and goals for continued accuracy. In monitoring we educate the client on what is possible as well as the adjustments that will be necessary to make the attainment of their goals possible. Diversification and asset allocation do not ensure a profit or protect against a loss.